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LinkedIn Profile PictureDrawing upon rich experiences with the Chinese culture and economy, as well as experiences with the United States culture and economy working with businesses on both continents, Nick understands the critical nature and need for bridging the cultural and linguistic gap when the Chinese and American cultures are working side by side.

Prior to working as an interpreter Nick worked as an English teacher and was an astute observer of Chinese culture while in China. He then became proficient at Mandarin and honed his skills while working at an international manufacturer in China as an interpreter, translator, and cultural liaison. Through these experiences he gained an understanding for the need for someone with Mandarin language abilities to act as a conduit between the cultures.

Since returning to Minnesota in 2013 he has worked as a translator and interpreter for healthcare providers, schools, and businesses. He has also worked in business-to-business customer service and understands the needs of companies throughout Minnesota and the United States to save time and money.

Education: St. John’s University Collegeville, MN BA Mathematics, Creative Writing; Hanfeng International Chinese School Jiaxing, China, Studied Business Chinese

Certifications: Bridging the Gap 40-hr. Professional Medical Interpreter Training